Veterinary doctors

In the case of a dog or horse presenting with arthritic joints, osteochondrosis, an injured tendon or ligament, mesenchymal stem cell treatment is considered appropriate. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to acquire further information concerning treatment involving cellular therapy. We will provide you with maximum assistance for the procedures taken and will arrange transportation of the bone marrow sample to our laboratory for processing and subsequently have the product sent back to you at the clinic.

1) Examining the animal

An examination of the animal must be performed before proceeding with cellular therapy treatment so as to ensure the correct indication of therapy. Patients diseases all over the body, diabetes, infectious arthritis, oncological patients and senile patients with very advanced arthrosis in several joints will not be able to receive treatment. The age of the animal always need to be taken into consideration when s/he is to be anaesthetised as well as in connection to the expected result and the stage of degeneration to the articular cartilage. The sooner the patient undergoes treatment the more pronounced the results will be.

2) Taking a bone marrow sample

On the day the bone marrow sample is taken, we will bring you a sampling set which comprises sampling syringes prefilled with sampling solution, sterile syringe with seals and sampling biopsy needles. After putting the dog under anaesthetic or sedating the horse, you prepare the operating table. The horse is injected with local analgesia prior to taking the sample. Bone marrow is subsequently removed with an aspiration biopsy using the biopsy needles supplied by us. In the case of dogs, the sample is taken from the humerus, for horses from the sternum or the hipbone. After introducing the biopsy needle, the trocar is removed, the sampling syringe introduced and bone marrow sucked out. The affected area is covered in gauze following the procedure.
We then transport the material to our laboratory for processing.

3) Processing bone marrow

We process bone marrow in our laboratory under strict sterile conditions and cultivate the mesenchymal stem cells. Cell cultivation takes two to three weeks. We will notify you when the product is finished in order to agree on a date with the animal’s owner for it to be applied.

4) Applying the product

On the day the application is to take place we will bring you the suspension of mesenchymal stem cells in a sterile wrapped injection syringe. Prior to being applied, horses must be sedated, dogs anaesthetised. Once this has been done, prepare the operating table and apply the suspension of cells directly into the affected joint(s) or injured tendon using the needle. Application into the injured tendon is carried out after a previous sonographic examination.
Once the product has been applied, it is recommended that the patient initially rests, increasing physical strain gradually.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.


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