Inflammation, damage to tendons, ligaments and joints are a common and serious problem encountered primarily by owners of sport horses. In many cases, anti-inflammatory drugs, nutritional supplements and massage don’t help enough. The long treatment time required to correct defects to the musculoskeletal system and the high risk of recurring damage may have a negative impact on the horse’s career.

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In the event of a tendon injury and the formation of lesions, application of mesenchymal stem cells speeds up the regeneration process, leading to restoration of the normal structural architecture and biomechanical function to the damaged tendon tissue. As a result the healing period is significantly curtailed and the tendon tissue fully regenerated without the formation of scarring. Due to the high quality of healing, the tendon is not susceptible to reinjury.
In the event of damaged articular cartilage, application of mesenchymal stem cells reduces joint damage, reduces degeneration of cartilage and stimulates the growth of cartilage cells. Administration of mesenchymal stem cells may be used to prevent joint-related disease.

The benefits of applying cellular therapy:

  • mesenchymal stem cells are applied just once
  • the procedure doesn’t require long-term convalescence
  • suitable for animals which don’t respond to painkillers or whereby it is likely that long-term use of painkillers is required
  • targeted treatment without any negative side effects
  • elimination of pain, enhanced mobility
  • tendon tissue is healed with a reduced risk of reinjury
  • reduces the degeneration of cartilage, stimulates the growth of cartilage cells

Diagnoses suitable for treatment using mesenchymal stem cells:

  • defects and damage to tendons and ligaments
  • arthritic joints
  • osteochondrosis
  • combined with surgery to joints or tendons