Diseases and defects to the joints are a frequent problem among medium to large breeds of dogs. Administrating stem cells offers dogs relief from problems associated with these diseases and increases their mobility.

Pharmaceutical treatment doesn’t address the root cause of joint disease and if administered over an extended period of time, has undesired consequences to the functioning of organs. In contrast to this, mesenchymal stem cell therapy is applied just once, and is performed directly at the site of the damage, reduces swelling in the joints, reduces the degeneration of cartilage and stimulates the growth of cartilage cells.


The benefits of stem cell therapy:

  • mesenchymal stem cells are applied just once
  • the treatment is targeted without any negative side effects
  • eliminates pain, enhances mobility
  • suitable for animals who don’t respond to painkillers or whereby long-term treatment using painkillers is likely
  • there is no risk of complications arising during treatment post operation
  • the procedure doesn’t require long-term convalescence
  • reduces the degeneration of cartilage, stimulates the growth of cartilage cells

Diagnoses suitable for treatment using mesenchymal stem cells:

  • arthritic joints
  • osteochondrosis
  • injury to tendons and ligaments
  • combined with surgical operations, joints or tendons

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