Links to a number of the very many articles published on stem cell treatment have been included below:

1.The use of autologous mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow to treat degenerative joint diseases in dogs; R. Musil, D. Bezděk; 2015

2. The effect of mesenchymal stem cells acquired from fat tissue and regenerative cells for limping in dogs with chronic osteoarthrtitis to coxofemoral joints: randomized, double blinded, multi-centric, controlled clinical study; L. Black et al.; 2007

3. Effect of adipose-derived nucleated cell fractions on tendon repair in horses with collagenase-induced tendinitis; A. J.Nixon et al.; 2008

4. Quality of newly formed cartilaginous tissue in defects of articular surface after transplantation of mesenchymal stem cells in a composite scaffold based on collagen I with chitosan Micro- and Nanofibres; A. Nečas et al.; 2010

5. Implantation of bone marrow - derived mesenchymal stem cells demonstrates improved outcome in horses with overstrain injury of the superficial digital flexor tendon; E.E. Godwin; 2011

6. Concentrated bone marrow aspirate improves full-thickness cartilage repair compared with microfracture in the equine model; L. A. Fortier et al.; 2010

7. Hip osteoarthritis in dogs: a randomized study using mesenchymal stem cells from adipose tissue and plasma rich in growth factors; B. Cuervo et al.; 2014

8. Mesenchymal stem cells in regenerative medicine applied to rheumatic diseases: Role of secretome and exosomes; M. Maumus et al.; 2013

9. Beneficial effects of autologous bone marrow - derived mesenchymal stem cells in naturally occurring tendinopathy; R. K. W. Smith et al.; 2013

10. Equine tendonitis therapy using mesenchymal stem cells and platelet concentrates: a randomized controlled trial; A. M. Carvalho et al.; 2013