Cellular therapy products are designed to treat arthritis of the joints, osteochondrosis, tendon or ligament injuries in dogs and horses. Mesenchymal stem cells form the basis of the products which reduce swelling, degeneration of the articular cartilage and stimulate its growth. Stem cells fully repair damage without forming scarring to the damaged tendon which subsequently doesn’t tend to experience


The base product is an autologous suspension of mononuclear bone marrow cells. The veterinary takes bone marrow (blood) from the patient (dog, horse) which is processed in our certified laboratory, resulting in suspension of the cells in a syringe. In the case of horses, this suspension is applied the same day as the bone marrow is removed, for dogs it is performed the following day after removing the bone marrow. This product is above all suited for early administration of the cellular product, e.g. tendon injuries.ecurring injury. Cellular therapy products offer gentle and targeted treatment without side effects and the need for repeat applications.



The product contains an autologous suspension of mesenchymal stem cells acquired by taking a bone marrow sample. A bone marrow sample is taken from the patient (horse, dog) by the veterinary at the clinic and subsequently processed in our certified laboratory. Cultivation of the cells takes roughly two to three weeks. Using needles, the doctor subsequently applies the suspension of cells prepared in an injection syringe to the affected area. The procedure is quick and not distressing for the patient. Following the procedure it is initially a good idea for the patient to rest and gradually build up any physical strain as recommended by the attending veterinary. The Premium product is technologically more demanding compared to Classic. Here stem cells are present in abundance, thus the Premium is more effective and boasts a long-term therapeutic effect.

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