For reasons of medical confidentiality, we do not reveal the names of owners or horses.


1. Abby, Border Collie, bitch
Two-year old Border Collie bitch was brought to the clinic. During a clinical examination she was found to have a stage 2 limp on both hind legs, a short step, soreness in both hip joints and hypertrophy of the left knee joint with mild pain. The knee joint was diagnosed with an osteochondral lesion with a calcified loose fragment.
The loose fragment was surgically removed and at the same time a sample of bone marrow was taken to acquire stem cells.
The owner of the patient observed the first improvements 4-5 weeks after applying stem cells. Seven weeks following the application, the dog was more active and lively. A repeat examination 4 and 6 months after applying stem cells confirmed a permanently enhanced state without pain to the hip joints and the knee joint. The patient continues to be examined at 10-12 month intervals and her condition remains stable.

2. Charlie, Labrador Retriever, bitch
The two-and-a-half year old Labrador Retriever was clinically examined and found to have stage 2 limping on the left front leg and hypertrophy to the elbow joint.
An arthroscopy was performed and the loose fragment removed. The patient’s condition improved but subsequently the condition deteriorated. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs were administered however there was no improvement to limping. The owners requested treatment using stem cells.
The owner observed the first signs of improvement 4 weeks after stem cell treatment. An improvement to the limping from stage 3 to stage 1 was observed during a clinical examination 6 weeks after treatment. Over the next 6 months the patient no longer limped and didn’t show any indication of pain. The patient continues to undergo regular examination and her condition is stable.

3. Eliot, Golden Retriever, dog
Osteochodrosis to the right shoulder and dysplasia to the elbow joints were detected in the patient during a clinical examination. Following arthroscopic treatment, bone marrow was also taken for isolation of mesenchymal stem cells. 8 days following application the dog was no longer limping, he was able to move around pain-free and only had a slightly short step. The dog continues to attend regular check-ups and no issues have been reported.

4. Tango, German Shepherd, dog
The patient arrived at the clinic diagnosed with ataxia to the hind limb and dysplasia to the right hip joint. Although the patient was suffering from a neurological disorder in conjunction with orthopaedic disease and the prognosis wasn’t clear, the owner still wanted to go ahead with cellular therapy. Following the application of stem cells, the patient’s condition improved and he has even returned to retrieving and has a desire to run.


1. Racehorse, mare
In December the seven-year old mare was given cultivated mesenchymal stem cells into two joints affected by arthritis. In May she took part in a race and in August even won.

2. Racehorse, gelding
The three-year old gelding was treated with stem cells to the fetlock joint in December and in April won a race.

3. Racehorse, gelding
The four-year old racehorse gelding underwent treatment to a joint with cellular therapy in November. In May he came second in a steeplechase and went on to win a steeplechase in October.

4. Racehorse, mare
In June cultivated mesenchymal stem cells were applied to two lesions in the injured tendon of the five-year old mare. The tendon healed well and in April the mare was able to take part in a race.

5. Racehorse, gelding
Stem cells were applied to the injured tendon of the nine-year old gelding in August. He won the steeplechase one year later.


1. Lex, Staffordshire bull terrier, dog, 6 years
“I’m really satisfied with the result for my six-year old dog," dog owner reveals in response to the results of treatment. It was possible to observe visible signs of improvement already within two months following the application, and my dog stopped limping,” she adds.

2. Pegina, Belgian Shepherd, bitch, 6 years
"Prior to the application of stem cells I lost all hope that my anything would be able to help my dog,” the owner reveals. “Veterinary doctor suggested we try a treatment involving stem cells. I’m delighted with the result. After four months following the application, there was a major improvement. My dog is doing great and doesn’t have any pain in her legs.”

3. Sam, Labrador Retriever, dog, 6 years
"Cellular therapy most definitely helped my dog. Prior to applying the cells my dog was in lots of pain and couldn’t stand up. Thanks to stem cell therapy, these problems disappeared.”

4. Breeding horse, mare
"The stem cell therapy used to treat her arthritis was definitely the right choice. Our mare is healthy and isn’t limping,” breeder reveals.

5. Racehorse, mare
"Our three-year old mare underwent arthroscopy to the fetlock joints. The associate professor suggested we try follow-up treatment using stem cells. I agreed to this procedure and have to say the result is perfect. Stem cells were applied to the mare in November and in April she won a race. I couldn’t be happier with the result of treatment and recommend stem cell therapy,” one mare owner reveals.


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