abby-border-kolieTwo-year old Border Collie bitch was brought to the clinic. During a clinical examination she was found to have a stage 2 limp on both hind legs, a short step, soreness in both hip joints and hypertrophy of the left knee joint with mild pain. The knee joint was diagnosed with an osteochondral lesion with a calcified loose fragment.
The loose fragment was surgically removed and at the same time a sample of bone marrow was taken to acquire stem cells.
The owner of the patient observed the first improvements 4-5 weeks after applying stem cells. Seven weeks following the application, the dog was more active and lively. A repeat examination 4 and 6 months after applying stem cells confirmed a permanently enhanced state without pain to the hip joints and the knee joint. The patient continues to be examined at 10-12 month intervals and her condition remains stable.